Baawla Mp3 Song Download Badshah, Uchana Amit

New Exclusive Rap Baawla Mp3 Song Download By Badshah Is Available With High-Quality Audio. The Composition Of Baawla Song Intended To Be Performed By Badshah. If You’re LooBadshah For Amazing Indian Pop Songs, You Need Go For Baawla Mp3 Song Download Or Listen Online. The Song Baawla Is A Indipop Single Song That Is Released In India By Indian Singer Badshah In 2021.

Baawla Mp3 Song Download Badshah Ft Uchana Amit

Badshah Came Up With New Soundtrack Baawla Love Song. It’s a Romantic Song Where Singer Express His True Feelings With His Lover. Of Course, The Soundtrack “Baawla” Came In Rhythm With a Variety Of Several Prominent Versus Used In Baawla Song To Make It More Beautiful, While The Choruses Of This Song “Baawla Main Kam Dekhta Hoon” Will Reveal Your True Feelings And Emotions.

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Song Baawla
Singers Badshah, Uchana Amit, Samreen Kaur
Music By Badshah, Aditya Dev
Lyrics By Badshah
Published Year 2021

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Download Baawla Mp3

You Can Also Enjoy Baawla Song Lyrics In English, We Try To Provide The Best Baawla Lyrics In Hindi Songs In Well Written Format. If You Find Any Mistake In Lyrics Or Get Any Problem In Downloading Badshah – Baawla Song Contact Us.

Lyrics Of Baawla By Badshah


Jab Chahein Tab Karein Take Off
Jet Mera Private Private Private
Story’an Daal Daal Nai Thak Rahi
Ho Rakhi Hai Tu Excited

Chehre Pe Dikhta Hai
Fake Nai Kar Sakti
Karunga Punish
Mistake Nai Kar Sakti

Kal Ki Bajaye
Tu Aaj De Chhod Mujhe
Dil Mera Patthar Ka
Break Nahi Kar Sakti

Gaane Hateron Ke Munh Pe
Jaake Baje Boom
Clear Hai Vision Meri
I Don’t Need No Zoom

Hrithik Nahi
Phir Bhi Machegi Dhoom
Dono Hath Uthake
Hawa Mein Baby Ghoom

Jhajhar Te Parre Na Ik Raiya Daawla
Mere Pita Ne Julam Kara
Var Dhoonda Baawla

Jhajhar Te Parre Na Ik Raiya Daawla
Mere Pita Ne Julam Kara
Var Dhoonda Baawla


If She Smells Like Cigarettes
Main Kiss Nahi Karta
Woh Deti Mujhe Head Shot
Miss Nahi Karta

Pata Hai Faad Ke
Hath Mein Bhi De Dega
Tabhi Toh Badshah Ko
Koyi Diss Nahi Karta

I’m A Hustler Day 1
Lifestyle A1
Aye Mujhe Na Sikhao
Ghante Pe Fame Ek Hi Bas Aim

Jo Jalte Hain Unhe Aur Jalao
Hateron Ki Chatiyon Pe
Raakh Deeve Baal Ae
Ke Taur Mein Rahvein
Kati Chore Karnal Ke

Dash Apni Dilli Se Dehradoon
Dono Hath Uthake
Hawa Mein Baby Ghoom

Arey Kyun Pade Ho Chakkar Mein
Kyun Pade Ho Chakkar Mein
Koyi Nahi Hai Takkar Mein

Jhajhar Te Parre Na Ik Raiya Dawla
Mere Pita Ne Julam Kara
Var Dhoonda Bawla

Jab Bhi Niklte Hain
Nikle Gaadiyon Ka Kaafila
Chaal Chalan Apna Hai
Jaise Koyi Mafia

Desi Hain Bande
Rehte Hain Ready
Soch Alag Hai
Baatein Hain Kaidi

Desi Hain Bande
Rehte Hain Ready
Soch Alag Hain
Baatein Hain Kaidi

It’s Yo Boy Badshah!