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Sajjan Adeeb Came Up With New Soundtrack Des Malwa Love Song. It’s a Romantic Song Where Singer Express His True Feelings With His Lover. Of Course The Soundtrack “Des Malwa” Came In Rhythm With a Variety Of Several Prominent Versus Used In Des Malwa Song To Make It More Beautiful, While The Choruses Of This Song “Sadda hain des malwa, Dass devin naveyan nu” Will Reveal Your True Feelings And Emotions.

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Song Des Malwa
Singer Sajjan Adeeb
Music By Desi Crew
Lyrics By Manwinder Maan
Published Year 2021

The Song Des Malwa Is A Punjabi Single Song That Is Released In India By Punjabi Singer Sajjan Adeeb In 2021. We Are Providing Des Malwa Song For Download With Different Bitrate Audio Qualities Of 320Kbps, 192Kbps, And 128Kbps.

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You Can Also Enjoy Des Malwa Song Lyrics In English, We Try To Provide The Best Des Malwa Lyrics In Hindi Songs With Well Written Format. If You Find Any Mistake In Lyrics Or Get Any Problem In Downloading Sajjan Adeeb – Des Malwa Song Contact Us.

Lyrics Of Des Malwa By Sajjan Adeeb

Desi crew.. Desi crew..

Tudte aa boch kiyan de
Ghodi de jode aa
Sidh padre bande aa ji
Vall chhal jehe thode aa

Muhan de utte bhavein
Nachda literature ni
Hundi joh kahi okdu
Jattan da nature ni

Bhavein sanu dil te likh le
Bhavein de met kude
Khullne ni munh vaneya di
Latt varge dheth kude

Rakhda ni chette koyi
Bolan ton bhammeya nu

Sadda hain des malwa
Dass devin naveyan nu
Sadda hain des malwa
Dass devin naveyan nu

Sadda ki kar lena dass
Tanggiya ton roka ne
Pindan de munde kahde
Barsheh diyan nokan ne

Ambran te chadhgi takk le
Chanan di tikki ni
Tappdan de baithan wale
Padhge aa ikki vi

Baddal koyi chitkabra jo
Tibbeyan te vaar jande
Haye tera ishq sohnea
Jyondeyan wich kar jande

Kiddan koyi vakhra kardu
Rohan wich rammeya nu

Sadda hain des malwa
Dass devin naveyan nu
Sadda hain des malwa
Dass devin naveyan nu

Hunde joh samay purane
Saukhi zindgaani aa
Gardan ton vadh ke rakhi
Sajjna di gani aa

Baabu te margi singh de
Chithe padh lene aa
Vattan nu gadhde gadhde
Kismaat gadh lene aan

Fikkran nu hunj ke sachi
Laa laiye pase ni
Dulle hoye bera wangu
Chug laiye hase ni

Disda rabb nehde enna
Dehan deyan lammeya nu

Sadda hain des malwa
Dass devin naveyan nu
Sadda hain des malwa
Dass devin naveyan nu

Kai hunde vaan virani
Sunne je rah biba
Jogi de vagli wargi
Karde aa chah biba

Rall mill ke dhuppan matti
Sare pee leine aa
Sunni ji chhal zindagi
Has ke jee lene aa

Aaja dass daiye tenu
Puchdi ki beena nu
Sadde ne pair jande
Sappan deyan deena nu

Virle parchave jandde
Dasde aa sameyan nu

Sadda hain des malwa
Dass devin naveyan nu
Sadda hain des malwa
Dass devin naveyan nu