Muqabla Mp3 Song Download Amrinder Gill

New Exclusive Judaa 3 – Muqabla Mp3 Song Download By Amrinder Gill Is Available With High-Quality Audio. The Composition Of Muqabla Song Intended To Be Performed By Amrinder Gill In Judaa 3 Album. If You’re Looking For Amazing Punjabi Songs, You Need Go For Muqabla Mp3 Song Download Or Listen Online From Judaa 3 Album Songs For Free.

Muqabla Song Mp3 Download Amrinder Gill

Amrinder Gill Came Up With New Soundtrack Muqabla Song From Album Judaa 3 – Chapter 1. Amrinder Gill’s Judaa’ Album Has Been One Of The Most Popular Albums. Of Course, The Soundtrack “Muqabla” Came In Rhythm With a Variety Of Several Prominent Versus Used In The Muqabla Song To Make It More Beautiful, While The Choruses Of This Song “Ni Tera Koyi Muqabla Hi Nai” Will Reveal Your True Feelings And Emotions.

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This song Muqabla Is Not Just About Words, But Also The Whole Context In Which The Song Is Built, Experienced, Produced, Consumed, And Also With Efforts To Make It Live With The Story Of Judaa 3 Album. All Of That Is Just For The Audience To Get Something New And Exciting. If You Wanted To Enjoy Muqabla Song Mp3 Download From Judaa 3 Album, Then It’s Just One Click Away.

Most Popular Song Muqabla Version Is Sing In Male Voice With A Unique Way Of Singing By Amrinder Gill, And That Has No Match The Way He Sings By Mending His Voice Is Impressive. So If You Are Searching For Some Sad Ballads, Filmi Songs Have Sculpted High Numbers. Don’t Miss To Listen Or Download Muqabla Mp3 Song Full Free.

Song Muqabla
Album Judaa 3
Singer Amrinder Gill
Music By Dr. Zeus
Lyrics By Harmanjeet
Published Year 2021

The Song Muqabla Is A Punjabi Judaa 3 Album Song That Is Released In India By Punjabi Singer Amrinder Gill In 2021. We Are Providing Muqabla Song For Download With Different Bitrate Audio Qualities Of 320Kbps, 192Kbps, And 128Kbps.

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You Can Also Enjoy Muqabla Song Lyrics In English, We Try To Provide The Best Muqabla Lyrics In Hindi Songs In Well Written Format. If You Find Any Mistake In Lyrics Or Get Any Problem In Downloading Amrinder Gill – Muqabla Song Contact Us.

Lyrics Of Muqabla By Amrinder Gill

Na Naagan Te Naa Moraan Naal
Te Chup Te Naa Hi Shoraan Naal
Naa Apneyan Naal Na Horaan Naal
Ni Tera Koyi Muqabla Hi Nai
Ni Tera Koyi Muqabla Hi Nai
Ni Tera Koyi Muqabla Hi Nai

Eh Sippi Moti Kohinoor
Ambran Diyan Pariyan Da Garoor
Eh Shabnam Shabnam Taniya
Sab Kisse Ate Kahaniyan

Ya Sohan Sunehri Khetan Wich
Koi Taazi Pakki Fasal Hai
Ya Jheel De Jhilmil Pani Wich
Punneya De Chann Di Shakal Hai

Teri Nakal Hai, Teri Nakal Hai,
Ni Tera Koi Mukabla Hi Nai
Ni Tera Koi Mukabla Hi Nai
Ni Tera Koi Mukabla Hi Nai

Jiwein Suhe Rang Da Phul Hove
Jiwein Dareya Utte Pul Hove
Jiwein Kanni Paayi Jhumke Di
Halki Halki Hil Jul Hove

Ya Ishq Di Taabad Tod Adaa
Jo Pal Wich Kardi Katal Hai

Teri Nakal Hai, Teri Nakal Hai,
Ni Tera Koyi Muqabla Hi Nai
Ni Tera Koyi Muqabla Hi Nai
Ni Tera Koyi Muqabla Hi Nai