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Rockabye Baby Full Song For Free

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Released On01-28-2023

Rockabye Baby Mp3 Song Download

Rockabye Baby Song Download

Rockabye Baby Lyrics

Please give it a rest, I'm on my knees
I got a wallet full of greed
Wonder if it can fit the jeans
Leaving the house to do my deeds
Leaving the court, I'm taking pleas
Everything I can do to please
All of my manufactured dreams
Trigger (Trigger), trigger (Trigger)
Trigger finger itching, it's ironic
'Cause the glocky sticking to my dawgy like fleas
Stinger in the back, she got a body like bees
All of my relationship are rocky like reefs
Older homie told me "Why you drinking on the job?"
Bro, I gotta be twisted just to work likе keys (Keys)
I give еvery chick who lick it first dry heaves (Heaves)
I put seven figures in my earth like seas
She told you that she in the Caribbean but you misheard "crib he in"
She really here, it's my crib, and I'm he
I'm 'bout to link with her and I'm about to link with her
I know the links'll make 'em mad, I feel like Kyrie
Stay connected with the Homies 5G for 5 Gs
'Bout to introduce them all to Miley and Kylie's
Don't want her to be in love with me, I think she might be
Had to fuck around and get my side piece a side piece
Really, really, really, really, really, really don't got the time for it
Got a tricky relationship with my job and my fortune
Them universal sacrifices, I watch the signs for it
'Cause I got blessed and it feel like my father died for it
It's fucked up, studio got me high horsing
I park the whip out front so long, think I got a fine for it
She told me take the condom off and I'm not surprised lately
They tryna hold my kid inside like rockabye baby
Rock-a-bye baby on the treetop
If the wind blows, a body might drop
Spent a whole year on your album, it flopped
I just got started, bitch, why would I stop?

[Verse 2]
Why would I wanna stop? That don't even make sense
Three homies live in the crib and all the three don't pay rent
Started to look at 'em like they using me as they flex
So I kicked 'em out and now it's only me inside my head
What am I thinking about today?
I would still be skipping class without the holiday
Teacher never heard a thing when she would call my name
Ironically, I'm now the only name she wanna say and wanna hear about
I'm probably gay 'cause I'ma cock it, aim it, pop a weirdo down
I'm on a plane, but I'm on a budget, how I took the spirit out
Mean ass flow like the bully feared in town
Grimy ass verse, it had to put the mirror down
Oh, give it a break I need a break-break
Traveling is my job so being home became my vaca
Momma waiting for the 15th for the pay pay
Me, I'm a little different, 16s mean pay-pay
I've been chasing green like I'm training for the 5K
But what do the green mean if the days all gray?
Finally got my dream house, looking down the hallways
All they do is separate me from the door, so I'm here all day
Back, yes I am, that steady cam on tilt
I don't have any glam, ask any fan, I'm real
There's a fat heavy chance that Benny Man gon' spill
Money ain't the motivation but it's funding every kill, kill
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Rock-a-bye baby on the treetop (Kill, kill)
If the wind blows, a body might drop (Kill, kill)
Spent a whole year on your album, it flopped
I just got started bitch, why would I stop?

[Verse 3]
Back, yes I am, that steady cam on tilt
I'm a half 'Merican, half army tank on wheels
Off a glass Chardonnay that Barbie say what's real
I'm the spazz part of Wayne, that Carter 8 gon' kill
She a California woman with beaches heating her heels
She don't gotta come to Boston for me to leave her with chills
Convertibles only time, you see how I'm steering the wheel
I'm opening up the lid like it's me preheating the grill
I got big bad blood with 'em
Acting like they got it out the mud with him
Did me dirty back when I was young with 'em
But unfortunately, yep it stuck with him
Depression in my blood, word to mama
So when you see my veins, that's trauma
Performing on the stage, I'm on top of 'em
But they in crowded with their friends, so I'm envious of all of 'em

[Verse 4]
The only positive thing about losing the love in your life is it making you better to run everything else (Yeah)
I'm in the studio running away
But the moment I'm done I'ma get help
My bro took a few of them big Ls
I'm glowing him up like a fish scale
The homies are coming with Intel
I'm rallying up with the gang like finding out British are coming to give hell
I don't be reading a lot
But I'm tucking the money inside of a book and if you ever look it'll take you a minute 'cause I got a lot and I got a big shelf
I'm locked in like a big jail
Big pockets and a big belt
My pop looking from heaven
But he taught me how to give hell
Shit, I'm at a dangerous age
Looking at Pac, Biggie and Big L
Shit, not to be so anal
Taking a loss, it didn't sit well
So I gotta do this now
'Cause if not, I'm gonna kill myself
Rock-a-bye baby on the treetop (kill, kill)
If the wind blows, a body might drop (kill, kill)
Spent a whole year on your album, it flopped
I just got started bitch, why would I stop?