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Released On01-30-2023

Time Fi You Mp3 Song Download

Time Fi You Song Download

Time Fi You Lyrics

Baby mi know weh yuh waan
Mi si yuh pum pum a soak thru yuh drawz
Tek it off mi luv all a yuh flaws

p**sy soak a drip (drip)
FInger pan uh clit (clit)
1 finger in because two can hardly fit (fit)
Bubble pan di tip mi might breed yuh mi addicted
Shi seh nuh fi use nuh boots it is alright shi will risk it
Nookie a di best yes dat a mek yuh ex stress
Kiss yuh pan yuh neck it mount a hickey
Pan yuh breast yeah
Gyal yuh bless as mi touch yuh suh yuh wet
A suh mi know a nuh p**sy nuh test

Pan mi yuh fi hold on tight mi deep inside
Pum pum tight and yuh know wah mi like if fi f**k yuh a crime
Mi first in line mi will duh di time fi yuh
Time fi yuh (x3)
Time for you

[Verse 1]
And mi will always put yuh first
Yuh liff mi moon mi liff yuh skirt
Ride on till yuh squirt
As mi pull out a water works
Drape mi and shi pull mi till shi f**k up all mi shirt
Yuh legs dem shaking like di Earth
Ton a goal yuh p**sy worth
Gyal a mi an’ yuh forever
Yuh cause mi pain and gimi pleasure
But all a di pain jus mek wi better

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2]
Nuh tell mi nothing
Mi si magic wen time mi f**k yuh
Yah di piece weh missing from mi puzzle
Yeah yuh deadly but yuh settle
Yah di type fi mek a killa cuddle
Doh judge mi cah mi nah judge yuh
Why yuh feel dem gyal yah grudge yuh
Everytime yuh mek a post it duh dem something
Woulda bleed if dem fi cut yuh
Know dis kind a sudden but if yuh don’t know nothing
Hope yuh at least know mi luv yuh