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Walk With Faith Full Song Lyrics  By Chronic Law

Walk With Faith Full Song For Free

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Released On10-12-2022

Walk With Faith Mp3 Song Download

Walk With Faith Song Download

Walk With Faith Lyrics

Me nuh know weh me a go But me a walk wid faith And me a a say yo automatic
It is what it is u know Yooo!!
Take back u love from me
Take back u respect
Born fi deh pain and me
Nah seek forgivenees

Crime pah me brain killing
Gone wid me interest
Eva try talk to a gun or a spliff yet
Me live me scars me nuh
Too live wid regrets
Me heart burn like CD
From me chest it eject
We all make mistake but fi trust is di biggest
Me don't talk to people
Me talk wid di spirits

Yeah me heart have a hole weh
Di devil still a look through
God u save me daily and me anuh good ute
Dawg wah full dem gun ha
Belly anuh cook food
Pull back di hammer
And push through

Walk through fire
Wid me cold self
Lonely so me still a try
Talk to eh ghost dem
Miss me old friends running but
Deh finish line nuh close yet
Still confuse wid
Thorns and roses
Nuh leff eh fire stick
Me still a smoke all when
Me deh pan antibiotics
Me ha fi drink and talk to
God a so di prayer real
Even di alphabet tricky cause I a G
And dem PUSSY to di thing

Talk pan di riddim anuh time fi me sing
Me sorry FLA nah license me thing
Wah adjust a just eh life
Weh me live and yoo
Float round sharks walk wid snake
Have lion heart yeah
Di artist brave

A me turn off di bulb Inna di darkest day
Me nuh know weh me a go
But me a walk wid faith Yoo!
Walk wid faith
Have bullet hole and
Heart wid scrape
Walk wid faith eyes dem a let go
Rain me nuh call dis tears

Lucky true me fava mummy
And me carry gun a full it
Blood thicker dan water none
Nuh thicker dan me bullet
Most a dem nah go
Believe until u do it
Wah fi link me money stink and
Me nuh keep it inna sewage
Cyaa trust nobody f#ckry reach
Me as a juvie lock me up, me run
Remand fi try be loyal to a pussy